New English Workshop Summer School 2014 with Chris Schwarz

Summer School 2014


Welcome to New English Workshop. The New English Workshop is a partnership of professionals and enthusiasts in the UK who are passionate about preserving the craft of fine furniture making. We are here to promote and encourage the use of traditional methods of working and so we’re focussed on providing training and education to the highest standard for likeminded souls.

So, in July 2014 New English Workshop (N.E.W.) will be bringing the renowned woodworker, hand tool user, writer and owner of Lost Art Press, Christopher Schwarz to the UK to head up an intensive 5-day course to build the now infamous Anarchist’s Tool Chest from scratch. Yes; we are creating Anarchy in the UK…(OK we know you have to be a certain age to understand that…).

In the spirit of Chris’s book the first New English Workshop summer school is designed to draw attention to the many skills that are dwindling from our curriculum and promote the craft of furniture making in the best way possible by getting hands on and building the entire chest using only hand tools. Challenging? Oh yes. Fun? Undoubtedly.

The summer school will be held at the prestigious Warwickshire College in Royal Leamington Spa. The course has room for 18 students of which some will be made available free of charge to students already attending the college. On completion of the course Chris has kindly agreed to donate the Anarchist’s Tool Chest he will be building during the course to raise money for the college.


For those who don’t have a whole week to spare we are also putting on a 2-day workshop that will follow on from making the Anarchists Tool Chest to make the equally attractive Dutch Travelling Tool Chest that Chris has made so well known through his research. This shorter course will have room for a further 18 students who will complete their labours with a big smile and very tidy piece of kit they have made.

Of course any tool chest is of no use without tools to fill it! So New English Workshop are making sure Chris’s completed chest will be filled with quality items from makers and vendors who, like us, are passionate about providing for the next generation of craftsman. The chest and its contents are to be sold at auction with the entire proceeds donated to the college to make a contribution to help the outstanding work it is doing with some of the most talented upcoming young woodworkers in the UK.

We are really excited to be hosting this event as it is a unique opportunity for attendees to hone existing skills and learn a few new ones at the bench with one of the most committed hand tool users the furniture-making world has seen in many years.

For those interested in signing up for this exciting event, New English Workshop can be contacted via our website at: , or via email at

– Paul Mayon


One thought on “New English Workshop Summer School 2014 with Chris Schwarz

  1. Very excited about these courses! Have just sent you my deposit for the Anarchist Tool Chest class, booking form to follow first this tomorrow once I have access to a printer and scanner.


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