Karl Holtey – Precision Infill Planes Taken to a New Level

Stop what you are doing. Stop.

Now go and get a brew….Got one?    Comfortable?     Now take a look at this:


We don’t brag often at New English Workshop but when we tell you that we only bring the best in woodworking to you – we are not kidding.  Karl Holtey makes Very Serious Infill Planes. It is no exaggeration to say that Karl is probably the seminal figure in taking infill bench planes to an entirely different level of precision and beauty. Karl Holtey practices a trade centuries old and is widely regarded as the leading exponent of classic British pattern planes, taking up where makers like Spiers, Mathieson and Thomas Norris left off (Thinking about it, Norris would probably have wept at his own products if he could have seen a Holtey plane).

Working alone in a small, but faultlessly appointed workshop in the far North of Scotland, Karl is a focussed and passionate engineer who, over the years, has built up the most formidable reputation as a plane-maker; he is also one of the world’s foremost authorities on the wooden infill British pattern plane. Every part of every Holtey plane is made by Karl (and Karl alone) who works to incredibly high standards of design, fit and finish.


We are delighted to tell you that at the culmination of New English Workshop’s first courses this July, the Anarchist’s Tool Chest that will be built by Chris and auctioned at David Stanley Auctions will feature the mitre plane pictured which has been hand crafted by Karl specifically for this event.  Both Derek Jones and I already envy mightily whoever will be the winning bidder.  The pictures say the rest.

– Paul Mayon




One thought on “Karl Holtey – Precision Infill Planes Taken to a New Level

  1. I have plenty of old tools in my tool chest and use all of them your planes are pieces of art of the highest class and are tools to be used One day I ould love to own one and use it. Beautiful

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