It’s Miller Time…


It was the moment when Jeff Miller said ‘Yes’ to joining us at New English Workshop that I realised that all of those old Westerns I watched with my dad as a kid had gone far deeper into the reaches of my subconscious mind than I’d ever appreciated…Now stay with me on this: Remember the scene in the Magnificent Seven when Vin (Steve MacQueen) asks Chris  (Yul Brynner) ‘How many you got?’, well it feels like that right now.  Clearly the improbably tall Chris Schwarz is Britt (the James Coburn character….the whisper has it CS is pretty good with a knife too…), David Barron is a dead ringer for Robert Vaughn, Yannick Chastang is surely the Chico of this bunch and Mr Miller has brought the same taciturn way about him as O’Reilly (Bronson). Yes that’s how it is right now in my head. (DJ: Really? And who am I? Keep taking the medication Paul)


So, the courses we will be running with David and Jeff side by side will not only be producing the most ‘I’ve got to have it!’ tool box I have seen in moons but also Jeff has agreed to design a piece specifically to teach at this event.

Both David and Jeff’s pieces have tension, rhythm, precision. and they’ll be bringing a bucket load of that with them when they join us.


Enjoy the pictures. This is going to be fun.

– Paul Mayon

(Disclaimer: Derek Jones is not Steve MacQueen)


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