Dovetails Set 2: 19:57


Day 2 of speeding up my dovetail technique:  Different timber (offcuts of pine), fewer pins and tails but thicker wood to saw through. A fair comparison? Maybe, maybe not. But this is exactly the material that will be used in the dovetail joints for the Anarchist’s Tool Chests (and Dutch chests) being built by the New English Workshop students at Warwickshire College this summer so I thought it would be a good time to get a head of steam up on these myself.  The ATC has over 100 dovetails in it so being quick and accurate at this operation will make a vast difference to all those who are making one.

I used the same kit as yesterday: L-N gents handle dovetail saw, Narex 8105 chisel (10 mm this time) and my L-N dovetail marker and a Veritas marking gauge for the shoulders.  Something I didn’t say yesterday:  I used my spearpoint marking knife to mark out.  I never use pencil on dovetails (but there are plenty who do). I find as long as the lighting is right (i.e. good raking light) you can always see a well marked knife line.

Is this set an improvement over yesterday? In terms of time; yes, but I can see that a couple of shoulders did not line up well so a little accuracy was sacrificed. Onto the next set then…

– Paul Mayon


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