Dovetails Set 3: 19:55

ImageThis latest set are reasonably neat but I can’t really call this an improvement can I? Where am I going wrong?  It is my natural unwillingness as an engineer not to measure things.  I am reasonably efficient in my tool layout and hand movement but as long as I won’t let go of measuring and marking everything (twice) I am not going to go much faster than this.  Food for thought then…

How are you all doing with yours? Surely you didn’t let the weekend slip by without reshaping some wood?

(Apologies for the shonky old phone photo also!)

-Paul Mayon


2 thoughts on “Dovetails Set 3: 19:55

  1. Sadly I didn’t cut any dovetails over the weekend – but I did prep some stock (lovely straight grained Douglas fir), so I’m ready to cut 5 sets over the next 10 days or so.
    For me, the thought of cutting so many dovetails during the course, fills me with a fear of falling behind the pace.
    I’ve decided to adopt the strategy of cutting the joints as set outlined by Christian Becksvoort in the last couple of editions of Fire Woodworking magazine. Its seen to be pretty efficient when cutting a large number of joints. The only deviations to that strategy I propose making is to cut a small rebate on the tailboards, and also making knife cuts when making the pins between the scribed angles and the scribed baseline (so I can pare back to the line if necessary). This may not be necessary, test cuts will let me know!!

    See you on the course –

    • Hi Barry

      I’m glad to hear that you were cutting timber whatever you were doing! There are many ways of cutting dovetails and there is no doubt that Christian’s method works (look at his results after all). This is pretty much the method I am using however the critical difference is that I am measuring the base of the tails rather than tracing lines on either side of my chisels when marking out. Now there is a change I could make to become faster. I have never really found a great need for the rebate but have at it if you want to use it. I’m interested to see how you get on as it is always good to compare techniques. I am sure you will keep up the pace come July.

      Looking forward to seeing you n the course too.

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