New English Workshop in 2015


Thanks to your support here on this blog, on Instagram and on our Facebook page, we’ve been getting a lot of requests recently regarding what our plans are for 2015. So; here is an overview of some of the things we will be up to next year. Let me tell you; it’s looking juicy nay… succulent already.

Right now we plan to run courses in April, late June or early July and either October or November (for you hardy types who like cold, damp weather).

We have a stellar line up of woodworkers who will be joining us including Jeff Miller, David Barron, Chris SchwarzTom Fidgen and Yannick Chastang.  We also have a couple of names that we will be pulling out of the hat very soon that I expect will surprise the hell out of everybody. Suffice it to say that they are most definitely at opposite ends of the woodworking spectrum.

Courses will encompass something for everyone: we have marquetry, box making, stools, tool chests and (possibly) even a campaign piece if we play our cards right.

As you know we are dedicated to promoting the craft of fine woodworking to everyone and that includes younger and aspiring woodworkers; we have some dedicated how-to-do-it on-a-shoestring courses just for them planned too. We want everyone including the rawest, most nervous beginners to get the same buzz as we do when they realise ‘Hey, I can make something!’. Not only that but at every venue we will be ensuring free places are given to the woodworking students who are becoming the lifeblood of the craft for the future (and who have revived beards and check shirts for the masses).

We will be doing courses across the UK and covering a massive range of techniques with the best tutors planet Earth can offer. Honestly; DJ and I feel like we are assembling the Harlem Globetrotters of woodworking here…The range of courses, the tutors and the venues really do not get any better on This Sceptred Isle.

Watch out for announcements in the next few weeks when our new N.E.W. website goes live…

– Paul Mayon


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