Full Steam Ahead!


It’s great to see that production of 18 new Anarchist’s Tool Chests is in full swing here at Warwickshire College. Day one saw the students get straight into dovetailing technique: Chris has a great way of explaining each operation in short tutorial sessions that are then put into immediate practice, where questions can be asked and techniques practiced.

A good example is saw technique. Chris uses the three terms, Baby Bird, Locomotive and Hovercraft to describe how you should be sawing: hold the handle as you would a baby bird; strong enough to not let it get away, gentle enough not to crush the bird. You move the saw just as a steam locomotive’s wheels are driven and finally, when beginning the cut you hold the weight off the toe of the saw by using the lower horn to lift the toe (when starting a cut). All of this leads, ultimately to better to controlled cuts for our dovetails.

The boards may be wide but the smiles are wider!



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