The Heat is On


Apologies for the reference to a cheesy Glenn Frey pop song from 1984…Most improbably we are having the hottest week of the summer; for the first time in five years July is living up to its promise.  What this means in the workshop is that we are going hell for leather in temperatures of 80 degrees Fahrenheit and more. This is tuff stuff when you are ripping yards of stock vis ze beeg handsaw French style. Everyone has lost 5 lbs (minimum) in fluid loss alone. Behind the ever present good humour, poor Chris Schwarz is melting (it’s the result of being covered in fur…next he’ll be wearing a check shirt…).The pictures tell the rest of the story.


On another note: My better half regards all off this ‘cabinetmaking’ (i.e. woodwork…snigger, snigger) as a thinly disguised excuse for smut.  Worryingly, I am beginning to think she is right…Despite all on the course being respectable denizens of our respective parishes, it appears that once we all get together there is nothing that we all like better than to have a serious debate on the correct technique for ‘Bishoping‘. So far we have had two complaints from the local priest that this has to stop. Sadly, church protests have gone unheeded and today we have started to nail our own bottoms…: Onward for another evening of double fisting now that Chris has kindly explained that this is American for holding a drink in either hand (DJ – I never would have guessed that…)


– Paul Mayon


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