Going Dutch


So, having created a landmark in bringing the English cabinetmaker’s tool chest back to the land of warm beer (we like it that way) we moved onto something a little more…petite and continental. But it was loud: The bunch of desperadoes you see above were fundamentally the loudest group of people armed with hammers I have heard in my life. Next time I am bringing Lemmy and a Marshall stack to compete (“Lemmy, please… play anything but just play it LOUD!“).   Seriously: it was like being on the range at Salisbury Plain with the 7th Armoured Brigade doing the full tilt boogie on your head.


Thankfully the temperature only hit 28 degrees celsius (82 F) rather than the 33 degrees celsius (91 F) that we had last week. The pace remained just as furious as the previous week and we were pleased to see that all 18 had a solid carcase finished by the end of day 2. Outstanding result everyone!

And that, as they say, Is Jenga!

– Paul Mayon





4 thoughts on “Going Dutch

  1. Just starting to recover and plan my Dutch Campaign style tool chest, anyone know where I can get 30 degree brass corners?

    I’ve stopped looking at the missing half pin (until I wrote this) but it was worth everything, including the 3am did I cut the slant at the correct angle? worry… (amazing how much geometry I can remember)

    I learnt so much and am already planning to do the ‘secret’ course next year,
    hopefully it won’t involve nailing….

  2. Hi Mark, – Glad you enjoyed the course. I see where you are going with this: I have never seen 30 degree brass corners before but I suspect you would need to get them custom made (which will not be cheap if you want nice machined brass). I have seen one that went some way down the campaign route by using inset handles here: http://25.media.tumblr.com/2a446bf9413f04fab6559068d72de8f5/tumblr_mskzhhOT091qzsssbo4_1280.jpg but I presume you are thinking of brass for the top corners of the carcase? Dont forget: the lid overhangs those corners so you don’t necessarily need them there.

    As for the ‘secret’ course: Don’t worry, we will be making announcements very soon.


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