The Axeman Cometh


If woodworking were ruled by Norse gods (and who says it isn’t?) Peter Follansbee would be Thor (or maybe Odin with that beard…but you get the point). He doesn’t carry a hammer; he carries a hatchet. And, if you have ever spent time in one of his classes, you will know how deft and precise Peter can be with that same tool to start creating the most stunning pieces of furniture from green wood.

That he can do this in front of a crowd whilst delivering tidy patter with wit drier than  about what he is doing is all the more remarkable.

C17-carved box

So DJ and I are really thrilled to let you know that Peter will be coming to the UK in summer 2015. He will be teaching a class on making a carved oak box like the one you see above ‘vis ze beeg axe and ze carving tools’. Luscious no? The great thing is that he shows how to start with a log, create a box and lay out the most sumptuous carving patterns with the simplest of tools and without measuring anything

Follansbee Hewing

Follansbee Planing

Follansbee Laying out

Follansbee Oak Pattern

And, if we are all really good I am told Uncle Peter will even read us all bedtime stories.


We will be announcing course timings and venue when we launch our new N.E.W. website in a couple of weeks. But be very sure that if you want to be part of this event you are going to have to be damned quick out of the blocks. We haven’t even advertised the course properly yet and we have already sold five places of those available (my nearest and dearest was No.1 on the list when she saw what we will be making). Are you on your marks?

Now where is my single bevel hatchet?…

– Paul Mayon



16 thoughts on “The Axeman Cometh

  1. Damn you!
    That’s next years budget committed already then, did not expect Peter
    Better start sharpening my boot sale chisels!
    I already have the site on speed dial!

  2. Hmmm, this would be an escalation from spoon carving. I’m already eyeing up every log I see lying by the side of the road or whist on a walk. I’ll have to seriously consider NOT attending this course simply to keep myself under control.

  3. I’d love to book a place for my husband who has been talking about this course ever since he saw it first mentioned here and will be turning the big 4-0 in 2015. Where is the website for booking info please?

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