Dutch Hasp


Following our Dutch Tool Chest course a couple of students let us know that on some of the hardware the rotating hasp was located the wrong way around.  The correct way around for this is shown in the picture above (provided by Ed Sutton)

The fix fortunately is relatively easy and is shown below: as supplied, the connecting pin is peened over at both ends to stop it falling out.  So to turn around the hasp:

1. File off the peening on one end.

2. Using a drift ( an old drill bit of the same diameter as the pin will do) knock out the pin as shown in picture two.

3. Turn the screwed section of the hasp around as shown in the final picture and place your drift back in to line up the assembly.

4. Simply knock the pin back in (which will punch the locating drift back out).

5. Peen the filed end of the pin back over ( in other words mushroom the head of the pin) with a hammer.

This is our fault for not spotting it on some sets of hardware. We have had our blacksmith clapped in the stocks and are pelting him with rotten eggs as I write…



-Paul Mayon


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