Metric Tool Chests

Chris Schwarz has posted the cutting lists for the Anarchist’s Tool Chest, the Travelling Tool Chest on his blog in imperial.  He has also published a cutting list in imperial for the Small Dutch Tool chest in the October 2013 edition of Popular Woodworking.  I don’t recall him ever putting out the dimensions in metric however.

For those of you on this side of the Atlantic who prefer to work in metric I have done the hard yards and converted all of the imperial sizes quoted to metric below. The conversions are exact but I would’t take any of the numbers beyond the decimal point too seriously: cut your parts to exact width but make the majority over length so that you can cut them to fit when you need to.

Just click on the image of the table below to obtain a full size version. If you are not attending one of New English Workshop’s courses with Chris this summer we hope you find the conversion below useful.

Now back to ripping some walnut.

– Paul Mayon

Screen shot 2014-06-22 at 18.29.01